His story

Picture tears of emotion flowing into your eyes, as you listened to cassettes of Mozart in the tender years of your life. Envision your greatest delight being the discovery of Schubert, Bach, and Haydn, and seeing yourself immersed in nothing but piano improvisations. Imagine that it was sounds that stirred you most profoundly – the whisper of the wind, the dance of flames, the cooing of doves, and myriad other harmonies that resonated deep within, filling your heart with unadulterated joy… Then, it would not be a stretch of imagination to conceive that you yearned for nothing more than to become a composer. One who sculpts noble harmonies and births melodies.

Such was Valmandel’s childhood, an influence that continues to thread through his existence up to this very day. His birth name is Babak Mahmudian, born and nurtured amidst the warmth and love of a modest family in Persia, 1985. Post schooling, he ventured to Austria, stepping onto the path that had once been a mere dream in his youth. He devoted his life to mastering the artistry of classical composition, an art too often forgotten in our era. Yet, when the fire burns fervently, nothing can impede its ardor. Despite the spirit of the times, which did not always foster creativity, but rather favored a cerebral approach to musical expression.

Valmandel, a master in the realms of Baroque and classical music, whose greatest passion lies in composition. Pen to paper, notes to symphony, to string quartet, here his heart finds its truest abode. His purpose? To delve into the depths of the soul, to kindle inspiration, and to sow seeds of hope and love through his musical offerings.

In the hallowed halls of Austria and Switzerland, he immersed himself in the fields of composition and harpsichord. He graduated with distinction from the Academy of Basel. Yet, the elusive spark of creativity he sought could not be confined to any institution he graced in Europe. Thus, he embarked on a path of self-discovery, becoming a maestro of his own composition, a self-guided composer, to nurture the fertile grounds of his inspiration.