Valmandel's Neo-Classical Playlist

Immerse in today's Classical music, weaving echoes of the past with modern creativity

Keyboard Sonatas

This is an album of sonatas in the musical language of Domenico Scarlatti, one of the idols of Valmandel. These sonatas were originally composed for the harpsichord but are performed on the piano for those who prefer the grand piano's sound over any other instrument

Authentic Lullabies

A dreamy collection of gentle melodies to create a tranquil atmosphere for both little ones and grownups alike. Let the soothing sounds guide you into moments of calmness and intimacy

Inspired by Spring

The album 'Simple Life' is infused with a full spectrum of human emotions. Each piece is a universe of pure feelings. 'Simple Life' encapsulates a life philosophy that encourages finding joy in simplicity and the reduction of unnecessary luxuries


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